Stop Taking Ibuprofen If Your Feet Look Like This

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More often seen in older adults, fluid retention is one possible side effect associated with the use of ibuprofen and other NSAIDs (per Usually affecting the ankles, legs, and feet, this can lead to edema, in which the body’s tissues continue to hold water and the area begins to swell. In cases of ibuprofen-induced edema, one’s feet may take on a puffy appearance not long after taking the medication. Such water retention may impact the functioning of other medications and can be of particular concern for patients with heart failure or hypertension.

In a 2014 case report published in the Scholars Journal of Medical Case Reports, researchers outlined how a woman in her late 60s was diagnosed with pedal edema in relation to NSAID use. The patient did have a history of alternate health conditions and had also been taking additional medications. Both of the woman’s legs were swollen, and the prescription NSAID diclofenac was thought to be the cause. Although ibuprofen, specifically, was not involved in this case, it does fall into the NSAID medication category, and patients are therefore encouraged to speak to their healthcare provider before taking ibuprofen if diagnosed with any underlying health conditions.

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