Signs Your Body Bruises Are Actually Cancer

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Bruising is quite common with leukemia. The bruises might appear to be a lot darker (almost purple) and their shape could be irregular as well. You may find bruises in areas where you normally wouldn’t get a bruise; examples include the head, face, thighs, back, hands, buttocks, ears, and chest. The bruise might seem like it just won’t go away or appear to grow bigger. It might also look like the marks are multiplying. Having several bruises appear with no explanation for them is cause for concern.

Sometimes, you may experience conditions like petechiae or purpura. Both are caused, again, by insufficient platelets in your system. Petechiae would look like small red freckles along with small marks. It happens as a result of damage to capillaries (very small blood vessels) and can manifest in places like your arms, legs, stomach, inside your mouth, and even around your eyes. Purpura appears as purplish-red spots under the skin. It is important to note, here, however, that both of these conditions aren’t only a result of cancer. They can be caused by infections, vitamin deficiencies, and certain medications too.  

If you’re constantly having trouble linking a new bruise or multiplying bruises to a valid reason, it’s probably best to get yourself checked out. With cancers like leukemia, you’d also be prone to excessive or unusual bleeding and pale skin. Nosebleeds, bleeding gums, and heavy periods are also warning signs. Other symptoms include fevers and chills, unexplained weight loss, excessive sweating, fatigue, bone pain, swollen lymph nodes, and infections.  

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