Kendrick Lamar Disses Drake on Six Minute Track ‘euphoria’

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King Kendrick. Kung Fu Kenny. K- Dot. Kendrick Lamar. Thank you for finally re-entering the ring.

The Boogeyman of Hip-Hop took time out of his Tuesday morning to respond to Drake in a scathing diss track where he attacks the Toronto MC’s entire persona.

No lead-up. No teasing. No rollout. Lamar simply dropped a link on X and let fans enjoy it.

The track, titled, “euphoria,” is more than six minutes long and sees Lamar attack “the boy” with multiple voices, lines, similes, metaphors, and everything in between.

Listen to the song below:


Ever since Lamar hopped on “Like That” and took shots and Drake and J. Cole, he’s been extremely silent. This gave time for both of the “First Person Shooter” collaborators to respond to the Compton MC to various degrees.

Cole was the first to fire back, with his song, “7-minute Drill.” Despite people giving him props for responding, the track fell flat, and led the North Carolina artist to apologize to Kendrick just days after dropping the song on his surprise project, “Might Delete Later.”

The next rapper to fight back was Drake, who put half of the entire industry on notice with his track, “Push Ups.” The 6 God went at Lamar, Future, Rick Ross, Metro Boomin, The Weeknd and even Ja Morant. Everyone got the smoke.

After waiting nearly a week for Dot to say something, Drake took a double dip in the diss track department, and went at the Compton MC again on “Taylor Made Freestyle.” Due to Aubrey using AI to mimic the voices of Snoop Dogg and 2pac, the track received some criticism and resulted in Tupac’s estate threatening to sue the Toronto rapper in a cease-and-desist letter. 

It’s been crickets ever since, having some hip-hop fans wonder if Lamar was going to respond.

Don’t worry. He did.

Kendrick Lamar’s best “euphoria” lyrics

As I mentioned earlier, Lamar’s diss track is more than six minutes long and has so many lines that’ll be hard for anyone to break down after just a couple of listens.

Despite that, Hip-Hop fans everywhere were able to analyze with haste and highlight some of the most disrespectful, hateful, cruel, hilarious, and petty lines from “euphoria.”

Here are some of them:

Kendrick didn’t just have smoke for Drake, he also fired on the man who hesitantly decided to throw his hat in the ring. J. Cole.

At one point Kendrick rapped, “There’s three goats left, and I see two of them kissin’ and huggin’ on stage”

He also said, “Yeah, Cole and Aubrey know I’m selfish n***a/The Crown is heavy, huh I pray they my real friends, if not, I’m YNW Melly.”

Maybe the most catchy part of the song is when Dot hilariously sings, “We don’t wanna hear you say n***a no moreeeeee.”

That’s a lot of heat for Drake, and that’s not even half of what he had to say about him.

What were your favorite lines? Did Kendrick’s diss track live up to the hype?

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