The Essential Oil That Can Help Lower Blood Pressure While You Sleep

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Researchers from a 2012 clinical trial published in the Journal of the Medical Association of Thailand tested the physiological effects of inhaling lavender oil versus sweet almond oil in 20 healthy participants. The findings showed that inhalation of lavender oil was associated with significant drops in blood pressure as well as heart rate. The essential oil was also linked with increased theta and alpha brain wave activity. Theta wave activity is often seen in connection with dreaming or light sleep (via Healthline), while alpha waves tend to emerge right when we’re on the brink of sleep (via Sleep Foundation).

While lavender may be effective enough on its own, giving your nose a combo whiff of lavender with ylang ylang oil before bed may also have blood pressure-lowering benefits. Results of a 2023 study published in EXPLORE found that participants who spent weeks wearing sticker pads containing lavender and ylang ylang essential oil experienced significant drops in blood pressure after only wearing the pad for as little as 30 minutes. The researchers tested healthy participants as well as those diagnosed with hypertension.

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