John Fetterman college commencement bravery shows why we need more Dems like him

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As national Democrats veer ever further into pro-Hamas madness, at least one has proven a bulwark of sanity: Sen. John Fetterman

The Pennsylvania progressive (though he now rejects the label) tore off a Harvard academic hood as he spoke at Yeshiva University’s commencement Wednesday.


“I do not fundamentally believe that it is right for me to wear this today,” Fetterman thundered, because he is “profoundly disappointed” in Harvard’s refusal to address on-campus antisemitism.

John Fetterman
Sen. John Fetterman ripped off his Harvard University academic hood during a speech to Yeshiva University grads. REUTERS

Harvard has utterly failed major moral tests since Oct. 7, first by refusing to condemn Hamas as terrorists, then by launching an antisemitism committee clearly meant to whitewash and excuse, not address, the issue. 

Now the school has retreated to no more taking stands on anything

But this is merely the latest departure from the Dems’ new Jew-hating orthodoxy for Fetterman. 

He’s been a staunch supporter of Israel since the Hamas atrocities of Oct. 7, correctly pointing out that there’s only one right side. 

He’s a critic of Joe Biden’s monstrous Israel arms embargo

He’s been a strong and committed opponent of the pro-terror college encampments that swept the nation this spring (calling them, among other things, “pup tents for Hamas”).

John Fetterman
Fetterman wore a bracelet from the music festival in Israel where Hamas terrorists slaughtered hundreds on Oct. 7. REUTERS

When Hamas-loving protesters showed up at his home in January, he stood on the roof and waved an Israeli flag at them in defiance. 

While we disagree with Fetterman’s positions on many issues, on this he’s proven a beacon of moral clarity — one that shines all the stronger for its relative loneliness on the left. 

And his taking so strong a stand against antisemitism at the commencement of a leading institution of Jewish higher education proves he understands the real issue here.

Namely, that for all the desperate attempts to camouflage it as mere “anti-Zionism,” the left’s position on Israel is driven by a deep animus toward Jews. 

So bravo, Senator. The Democrats need more like you

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