We Tried Using Banana Peels To Brighten Our Under Eyes. Here’s How It Went

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I tried the hack on three consecutive mornings. True to form, I woke up with dark circles and puffy eyes on all three days. On the first day, after removing the peels from the ziplock bag I’d stored in the freezer the night before, I cut two small pieces of the skin using a scissor and came right back to bed to place them under my eyes and relax for 10 minutes. With the timer and music on, it was a pretty relaxing experience, although it took some time for the cool temperature of the banana peels to get to a comfortable level. The smell of the peel wasn’t too overbearing, and once I got over handling the sticky leftover food item, it was time to wait and let the hack work. Or not. 

Scrutinizing my face in the mirror after removing the peels and gently wiping the area clean with a clean and wet facecloth, I didn’t see any difference. The puffiness had reduced, but I attributed this to the ice-cold peels. I also realized that getting rid of the puffiness could create the illusion of brighter skin. 

Day two went similarly, except this time, I’d stored the peels in the refrigerator to avoid them being too cold the next morning. The smell and texture of the banana remains were more pronounced, which made the exercise slightly off-putting. Again, the skin tone under my eyes wasn’t particularly brighter after the exercise, but the puffiness had reduced. Day three went similarly to day two. So much for surprising uses for banana peels

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