What Is Jelqing? All About The Exercise You’ve Never Heard Of

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Most urologists may tell you that jelqing falls under the category of unsafe exercises you should stop doing. There is little to no science that actually speaks for the benefits of this penis stretching exercise.

A very small 2018 study, done by penis enlargement product supplier PhalloGauge Medical, followed eight male subjects who performed the jelqing exercise for three months and found no substantial benefits by way of girth or length. However, according to urologist and pelvic surgeon Dr. Rena Malik on YouTube, this is not a true scientific study to begin with. Despite the fact that one British physician quoted some positive results in a 1970s study on jelqing, there hasn’t been much medical literature on the topic thereafter. In fact, if you were to google the term “jelqing,” you’d find a few studies that look at how this penis stretching exercise can actually do more harm than good for your sex life. There is also some research with mixed results on how traction devices can influence penile length and girth. 

As explained by urologist Dr. Eric Tygenhof (via YouTube), thinking that your penis girth and length will increase from micro-tears that eventually heal up, the same way it happens with muscle tears from a workout, is not entirely accurate. “Unfortunately, the muscle in the penis is smooth muscle, not skeletal muscle like the muscles in your arms, and it doesn’t respond in the same way,” shared the doctor. That being said, how can jelqing harm your penis?

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