The Popular Protein You Should Avoid Eating Before Having Sex

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When we eat an excess amount of protein, it quickly begins fermenting in the gut. “Gas associated with red meat is more odorous because of chemicals it produces in the colon,” Dr. Chey tells Cosmopolitan. These chemical elements include hydrogen, methane, and sometimes sulfur, Danielle Crumble Smith explains to Peloton, which together, can boost both the frequency and aroma of our gas. People with an unbalanced gut microbiome may be particularly susceptible to protein farts.

Dr. Chey states that an 8-ounce portion of red meat is enough to put us at risk for an ill-timed cutting of the cheese, so to speak. Roughly the same size as a thin paperback book, 8 ounces may not sound like a lot, but the American Cancer Society reports that the recommended serving size for meat is between 3 to 4 ounces, or the size-equivalent of a deck of cards. Furthermore, many of us are getting more protein than we need as portion sizes continue to grow in the U.S. In fact, most Americans are eating an average of 17 ounces of red and processed meat on a weekly basis, reports Harvard Health Publishing. In addition to bringing a romantic evening to an abrupt halt, overconsumption of red and processed meat can also put us at risk for health issues down the line.

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