Can Coconut Oil Make Your Nails Grow Overnight? Here’s What We Know

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Coconut oil can be an important ingredient in keeping your nails healthy and happy, which, in turn, can aid nail growth. 

According to board-certified dermatologist Dr. Orit Markowitz (via Byrdie), if you’re looking to treat brittle and cracked nails, coconut oil can help. Dry and brittle nails break off a lot easier than moisturized ones, and this, of course, impacts nail growth. Everything from washing your hands several times a day to exposing your nails to harsh cleaning products can cause your nails to become dry. In addition to hydrating your nails, coconut oil can be used as a moisturizer for damaged cuticles, per Dr. Markowitz. “It’s an ideal skin barrier that contains multiple fatty acids, which act as transepidermal water loss barriers,” shared the expert. Paying attention to your cuticle health is an important part of growing healthy nails. 

Do you get a lot of hangnails? Coconut oil can help in that department too. Hangnails are another sign that your nails are in need of moisturizing. What’s more, moisturizing your nails with coconut oil can help keep them from cracking. Cracked nails can invite fungi growth and lead to infections, according to Dr. Markowitz. Fungal infections can affect your nail bed and thereby also negatively impact nail growth. 

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