Joe Biden’s cynical border politics are putting the US in peril

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You knew the minute the words came out of Joe Biden’s mouth that his mass-amnesty announcement for illegal aliens was pure politics.

“Folks, I’m not interested in playing politics with the border or with immigration, he said.

“I’m interested in fixing it.”

As usual from this president, that’s the opposite of the truth.

All he has done from Day One is play politics with immigration, ever since he walked into the Oval Office and rescinded Donald Trump’s border-protection measures with the stroke of a pen: 94 executive actions in the first 100 days.

He killed Trump’s border wall and “Remain in Mexico” policy, stopped deportations and started secretly flying illegal aliens all over the country on charter flights in the middle of the night.

The Post reported at length on Biden’s secret flights into Westchester and the whited-out charter buses waiting at the airport to sprinkle illegal aliens around the tri-state area, night after night.

Democrats tried to blame Texas Gov. Greg Abbott for the influx of illegals breaking the New York City budget, but it was their own president who did it.

Now polls show that voter anger about unchecked illegal migration is killing Biden’s re-election prospects, and only after he has successfully installed upwards of 8 million illegal aliens, he’s trying to paper over his betrayal of the American people.

But instead of reinstating those successful Trump policies to belatedly “fix” the border, he offered up a half-baked faux crackdown a few weeks ago, and then promptly sweetened the deal with his DACA 2.0 policy to attract even more of the Third World to illegally cross the border and become a net burden on taxpayers.

New Dem voters

He’s now giving green cards and a three-year path to citizenship to at least half a million illegals who happen to be married to US citizens, just in time to vote Democrat in 2028.

It’s a sign of how desperate Biden’s campaign is that it would throw a match on his most incendiary political problem in order to appease Democrats’ increasingly fractious base.

The grand strategy of throwing indictments at Trump and branding him a convicted felon hasn’t worked out.

Interim Plan B is a schizophrenic border policy.

The mystery has always been why any president would want to destroy his country — and his electoral appeal — by throwing open the border to millions of unvetted people from around the world.

Migrants from around the world continue to arrive across the U.S. southern border near Jacumba Hot Springs, California.
Migrants from around the world continue to arrive across the U.S. southern border near Jacumba Hot Springs, California. James Breeden for the New York Post

If Republicans dared suggest it was to create a new captive voting bloc for the Democratic Party, they were accused of peddling racist conspiracy theories.

This is how The New York Times framed the idea in 2022: “Experts in extremism describe [it] as a sanitized version of the ‘great replacement,’ a once-fringe, racist conspiracy theory that claims that Western elites, sometimes manipulated by Jews, want to replace white Americans with immigrants to weaken the influence of white culture. The idea has been linked to the massacre at a Buffalo supermarket in May, the El Paso Walmart shooting in 2019 and the killings at a Pittsburgh synagogue in 2018.”

In other words, shut up or we’ll label you a domestic terrorist, and you know what happens next.

Now Biden has proved the theory was true.

Presumably his minders think DACA 2.0 will make an empathetic talking point in next week’s presidential debate, in which Biden can project empathy and pretend to have cracked down on the border while accusing cruel Trump of tearing families apart.

It serves the same purpose as the bogus Gaza pier did in the State of the Union.

On the very same day that Biden announced the mass-amnesty policy, an illegal alien slimeball from Ecuador was arrested for allegedly tying up and raping a little 13-year-old girl in broad daylight in a Flushing, Queens, park last week.

He also tied up her 13-year-old male schoolfriend, who presumably is also scarred for life by what he was forced to witness.

Christian Geovanny Inga-Landi, 25, who entered the US through Eagle Pass, Texas, in June 2021, reportedly told police Wednesday he cut off the girl’s clothes with a knife and recorded the rape midway through.

The heinous crime occurred only days after another illegal migrant, Victor Martinez-Hernandez, 23, was arrested in Oklahoma for allegedly raping and murdering Maryland mom-of-five Rachel Morin.

When Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas was asked about Morin’s death, he refused to accept any blame and wouldn’t even utter her name, callously calling her “the individual who was murdered, the woman, the mother.”

He told CNN: “A criminal is responsible for the criminal act.”

After crossing the border  from Mexico, migrants from countries including Sudan, Mauritania, India, China, Iran as well as many Latin American countries wait for Border Patrol to transport them for processing.
After crossing the border from Mexico, migrants from countries including Sudan, Mauritania, India, China, Iran as well as many Latin American countries wait for Border Patrol to transport them for processing. James Breeden for the New York Post

That criminal sexual predator would never have been near Morin if it hadn’t been for Mayorkas and his boss letting him into the country.

Then there is the terrorism threat from all the unvetted illegals who have flooded over the border the past three years.

Eight with ISIS ties

Eight suspected terrorists with ties to ISIS were arrested by the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force last week in a coordinated bust in Los Angeles, New York and Philadelphia.

The eight men, Russian nationals from Tajikistan, had illegally crossed the southern border and were released into the US reportedly when their criminal background checks came back clean.

In April, an Uzbek man with alleged ISIS ties was arrested in Baltimore after illegally crossing the border in February 2022. Another illegal migrant from Afghanistan who is suspected of being a terrorist crossed the border in March 2023 and spent nearly a year roaming the country before he was arrested in Texas, according to NBC News.

Last August came reports that the FBI was trying to track down more than a dozen illegal migrants who crossed the southern border with the assistance of a smuggler with ties to ISIS.

In another frightening case, an illegal migrant from Somalia with ties to terrorist group al-Shabaab crossed the southern border in March 2023 and roamed the country for almost a year before being arrested in Minnesota in January.

Last year alone, Border Patrol agents reported they had apprehended 172 terror suspects attempting to cross the border illegally.

Those are just the ones who didn’t sneak in undetected.

Biden’s Border Bloodbath is a catastrophe that has made all of us poorer and less safe.

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