Anti-Israel, pro-Hamas demonstrators show they hate America, too

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In their Independence Day rally in Washington Square Park, pro-Hamas radicals made it plain: They don’t just hate Israel, but also America — so why do the White House and so much of the Democratic Party keep struggling to appease them?

A group of 100 or so, part of “Flood Manhattan for July 4th,” gleefully burned American flags, chanting “Burn it down!” and “Free free free Palestine,” as keffiyeh-clad photographers moved in close to document their anti-patriotism.

A guy in a Yankees hat tried to reason with the goons, but video shows him quickly shouted down by a man in glasses who gleefully cheers “F–k Israel! F–k America! Woohoo!” as other protesters giggle in approval.

Chicago and Philadelphia, where the Declaration of Independence was written and ratified, saw similar ugly demonstrations.

Jeers and flag-burning is how these fifth columnists celebrate our nation’s birth and the freedoms they enjoy.

It was shameful and idiotic — and brutally self-revealing.

These radicals hate America and all that it stands for; it’s why they despise Israel, too.

Yet all too many Democrats aren’t pushing back against this anti-Americanism.

President Biden wants these radicals’ votes, so he soft-pedals any condemnation of “pro-Palestinian” protests: After antisemitic keffiyeh-clad thugs assaulted Jews outside Congregation Adas Torah synagogue in Los Angeles last month, Biden issue a mild “I’m appalled” condemnation.

And his Justice Department has declined to act against the Palestinian Youth Movement, Code Pink and other antisemitic groups that have targeted Jews and synagogues for harassment and violence.

Instead, Jews are told to use back entrances at their houses of worship, warned not to wear anything ID’ing them as Jews or advised to hide when the rabid antisemites are out for blood.

It’s staggering that Rep. Ritchie Torres (D-Bx.) and Sen. John Fetterman (D-Pa.) are such outliers in their party, gentiles confronting the Jew-haters.

All Americans — of every faith and party affiliation — should be standing up.

That includes Biden and his coming replacement: If the Democratic nominee plays the same games as the president, it’ll be one more reason for the voters to deal the party a crushing defeat in November.

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