Jordan fails to win House speakership in second vote

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Just after GOP Rep. Jim Jordan faced a second defeat on the floor, he told reporters he is still deciding if there will be another vote today and has not yet decided if he will call a conference meeting, but he will likely just meet with individual members. 

“We don’t know when we’re going to have the next vote but we want to continue our conversations with our colleagues,” he said.  

Jordan is dug in on pressing ahead. 

“We picked up some today, a couple dropped off, but they voted for me before. I think they come back again. So we’ll keep talking to members and keep working on it,” he said. 

He said Rep. Kevin McCarthy had more time to wrangle support ahead of his bid. 

“Speaker McCarthy, he had, he had a two-month runway from when he got the conference nomination and when we got to that first week of January, so we’re right where he was and his numbers, and we got 200 votes,” Jordan said. 

Asked about the resolution to empower interim Speaker Patrick McHenry and expand his powers, Jordan said the question should be called at some point but that it was up to McHenry.

Jordan said his pitch to members is that he is the “one person that can bring the team” together, adding that he’s got “a cross section of the conference.”

“There’s, you know, 20 individuals we need to talk to. We continue to do that. Some of them who were against us yesterday, are for us today. We picked up three today but lost a couple.”

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