Type is a barebone command bar note-taking app for Mac

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Developers are always finding a way to make note-taking simple and quick. Techstars-backed Stashpad built a ‘DM-to-self’ interface for developers to let them take notes rapidly and organize them later. Qept is an iOS app with a similar note-taking philosophy but for all kinds of users.

Now a new Mac app called Type developed by Nicolas Bichon is leveraging the command bar concept to let you jot down whatever thoughts you have in mind.

Type is barebone at launch: it lets you use a customizable keyboard shortcut to invoke the app and jot down thoughts. It automatically attaches a timestamp with each note for you to have better context later.

“I was used to taking notes in text files (something to discuss in my next 1-1, tweet ideas, etc.), and I wanted to create a command bar app so I could quickly take notes from anywhere while I’m working, without going to manually open the file and thus be able to stay focused on my task,” Bichon told TechCrunch over email.

Type is a command bar note taking app for Mac

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As Bichon mentions, all the notes are saved in a text file, which you can easily export or send. You can create a new file to give it more of a folder-like structure in the Type is priced at $3.99 without any additional in-app purchases.

While the app doesn’t have a ton of features at the moment, Bichon said users will be able to delete, clear, and search for a note in the coming weeks. Next up, users will also be able to export notes and there will be a new option to keep the app always visible on the screen.

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