50 Cent Offers to Buy Revolt TV ‘for the Low’ Hours After Diddy Steps Down as Chairman of the Company

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Sean “Diddy” Combs announced on Nov. 28 that he is temporarily stepping down as chairman of Revolt, the music-oriented digital media group he cofounded. The announcement comes as Diddy is facing his third sexual assault allegation this month. A source close to the rap mogul told TMZ that as the company is set to celebrate its 10-year anniversary, Diddy made the decision to excuse himself from his duties as chairman so that his personal drama would not affect “Revolt’s mission or success.”

50 Cent offered to buy Revolt from Diddy after the mogul stepped down from the company.50 Cent offered to buy Revolt from Diddy after the mogul stepped down from the company.
50 Cent offered to buy Revolt from Diddy after the mogul stepped down from the company. (Photo: @50cent @diddy/Instagram)

Revolt issued a statement on Instagram.

“Sean Combs has stepped down from his position of Chairman of REVOLT. While Mr. Combs has previously had no operational or day-to-day role in the business, this decision helps to ensure that REVOLT remains steadfastly focused on our mission to create meaningful content for the culture and amplify the voices of all Black People throughout this country and the African Diaspora.”

The statement continues, “Our focus has always been one that reflects our commitment to the collective journey of REVOLT- one that is not driven by any individual but by the shared efforts and values of our entire team on behalf of advancing, elevating, and championing our culture- and that continues.”

Hours after the news broke that Diddy stepped down, one of his fiercest competitors decided that he would lend a hand in his time of need. 50 Cent took to social media to offer to buy the company from Diddy, but only for a discounted price.

The “Window Shopper” rapper tweeted, “I’ll buy that from you play boy, for the low because you know Cadillac and AT&T gonna pull out. I’ll give you a few dollars for it now! Sell it to me, then we can be friends. I’m serious; call my phone.”

Fans found humor in 50 Cent’s pettiness. “Making an enemy out of fif is long. He lives for s–t like this,” one commenter wrote on Instagram. “Having 50 as an enemy is just a bad investment to your mental health,” said another Instagram user.

Others said that 50 running Revolt might not actually be a bad idea. One person said, “When being a hater and capitalist intersect,” while another chimed in, “You would be the last person he’d sell it to… even if it’s the right thing to do.”

Diddy and Fifty have been beefing since the early 2000s when the latter felt like Diddy didn’t support him when he was coming up. There have been many notable moments in their beef, like a physical altercation at the BET Awards in 2007 and 50 Cent making a petition for Diddy to stop using Biggie in songs posthumously in 2010, but the beef has heated back up due to Diddy’s assault allegations.

Since Nov. 16, Fif has posted about Diddy 12 times on his Instagram. Some of the posts are articles about Diddy and his associates amid the allegations, while others are pictures and videos of Diddy from the past. These include a photo of Diddy in the club dancing with his pants at his ankles and a video of Cassandra “Cassie” Ventura hiding from Diddy under a blanket.

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