Kevin Hart Ripped for Dodging Questions About Josh Giddey Controversy During NBA Broadcast

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Kevin Hart may have been out of his league after he was asked an uncomfortable question about a recent NBA controversy.

The comedian was hosting “NBA Unplugged with Kevin Hart,” along with his comedy crew, Plastic Cup Boyz, during the inaugural In-Season Tournament Championship. “NBA Unplugged” is similar to the NFL’s “Manningcast,” where brothers Peyton and Eli Manning talk with guests over Monday Night Football.

Kevin Hart tries to manuever around questions about Josh Giddey during NBA Broadcast.Kevin Hart tries to manuever around questions about Josh Giddey during NBA Broadcast.
Kevin Hart tries to manuever around questions about Josh Giddey during NBA Broadcast.

During the Dec. 9 broadcast, Hart and his friends were joined by guests such as ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith and former NBA Champion Richard Jefferson. While Hart stuck to his usual brand of comedy during the game, things went left when he invited NBA star and podcaster Patrick Beverly on the show.

Beverly is a known instigator on the court, and he did just that as he asked the hosts a controversial question. The Philadelphia 76ers player said, “I got a question too. I got a daughter and I like to call myself a ‘girl dad.’ Whatchu think about the Josh Giddey situation?”

The Plastic Cup Boyz can be heard saying “Uh-huh” as Hart asked if they had anything to say about the question. Will “Spank” Horton was the first to talk as he gave a very media-trained response, stating that the rumors were allegations and that the underage girl’s family is not cooperating.

Beverly cut him off, adding, “I read that too, I said what y’all think about it? That was my question.” Horton laughed as Hart replied, “Pat, I heard your question, but Imma tell you what I do real well, deflect.”

The “Night School” actor then fidgeted with a basketball in his hand as he told Beverly that he is a “brand,” and that he would text him his real thoughts on the subject.

Hart said, “But right now on ‘NBA Unplugged’ imma keep it as commercial as I possibly can.” The 44-year-old then tried to change the conversation by getting Beverly’s opinion on the NBA In-Season Tournament courts, but Beverly didn’t budge as he said, “I like the color of courts, not jail courts though.”

Hart then jokingly kicked Beverly off the show for asking a question that made him sweat more than the game. Fans online joked about the awkward conversation, saying, “Patrick Beverly is a menace and a treasure.” Another wrote, “Kevin Hart immediately asking ‘y’all wanna answer that?’ tells you everything you need to know about ESPN & also that Pat probably won’t be on that Network again lol.”

Not everyone found it funny as some critics were confused by the father-of-four’s silence on the subject.

One said, “Kevin Hart shoulda put words on that as a father. Idgaf what the law is if he’s a grown adult and she was 15 it’s wrong. Kevin coulda been influential right there but he chose to stay silent. No respect for that. I respect @patbev21 for asking Tho. I’m a girl dad too.”

While Hart stayed quiet about the Giddey allegations, he was much more vocal about how he felt about Ne-Yo singing the National Anthem. The R&B singer came out in a white ensemble with a long forest green leather trench coat, leaving his signature hat off the court.

While many fans said they enjoyed his rendition of the song, Hart and the Plastic Cup Boyz felt something was missing.

“We have to discuss Ne-Yo singing the National Anthem, not wearing a hat. Bold move,” said Hart as Harry Ratchford equipped, “You gotta wear a hat when your head shaped like that.”

The comedic crew went on joking that Ne-Yo’s hatless head and green trench coat combo reminded them of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

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