SNL’s college-hearing misfire: Letters to the Editor

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The Issue: A recent SNL skit mocking the House inquiry into antisemitism on college campuses.

The antisemitism-hearing sketch last weekend on “Saturday Night Live” should have never been deemed acceptable for television (“Saturday night lies,” Kirsten Fleming, Dec. 12).

The cast of SNL made fun of politicians investigating antisemitism in colleges. Then, they ignored the college presidents’ insane answers to questions highlighting the twisted standards in academia today.
One of these school’s leaders said that calling for genocide only violated her university’s code of conduct in certain contexts. It’s interesting how this strain of antisemitism is coming from the left, just like in Europe in the early 20th century.

All I can say is: for shame!

Sean Coughlin

Acton, Mass.

Kirsten Fleming’s recent article was great, but let me focus on an important piece of information.

“Saturday Night Live” creator and producer Lorne Michaels was born into a Jewish family. When he grew up, he changed his name — it was originally Lorne David Lipowitz — and went on to become a TV legend.

One wonders how he allowed such a terrible skit, one that is reeking of antisemitism, to air this past Saturday.

Kudos to Cecily Strong for pulling out at the last minute. Michaels should be ashamed of himself.

Robert Feuerstein

Staten Island

What will the comedic geniuses at SNL come up with next? A hilarious skit mocking the lawyers who prosecuted Nazis at Nuremberg, perhaps?

The laughs just keep on coming.

Jake McNicholas


This show was once hilarious, but now I sometimes forget it’s even still running. I’m assuming the antisemitic skit got the OK from its producer, Lorne Michaels?

The slaughter of innocents in Israel is apparently, to many woke cretins, something to make light of.
In the past several years, many comedians have been canceled because they poked fun of a taboo topic. The LGBTQ community is off limits, for instance. But apparently antisemitism is fair game.

No comment, Lorne? I guess the NBC money is too good.

Kevin Judge

Naples, Fla.

The Issue: Donald Trump’s release of a new NFT trading card that features the former president’s mug shot.

Former President Donald Trump is marketing a new digital card featuring him in a mug shot as part of a collection of 47 cards that goes for $99 per card (“Don sells mug shot piece bid,” Dec. 13).

This cheesy digital card only appeals to a select minority of his supporters. There’s a better way for Trump to generate revenue, which he needs to pay for his presidential campaign and mounting legal bills.

A “Survive ’Til ‘25” apparel line featuring hats, t-shirts, hoodies, etc. is the perfect affordable pro-Trump messaging mechanism that could garner Trump millions in campaign funds and solve all his problems as he cruises back into the White House.

Eugene R. Dunn


In his early deck of digital cards, Trump depicted himself as an astronaut and a cartoonish caped superhero. This time, the cards feature the mug shot from his arrest in Fulton County, Ga. Supporters are invited to buy them at $99 each.

With so many crises facing this country at home and abroad, you’d think voters would find it disturbing that Trump continues to focus on preening and admiring himself in front of a camera. Is a self-absorbed panderer what this nation really needs for another four years?

Mike Barrett

Ashburn, Va.

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