Quavo wants to follow in Andre 3000’s footsteps

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One thing about the music industry, when something starts trending, other people start riding the wave as well.

You can say that for André 3000, who released a flute-driven instrumental album, something that was — and wasn’t — expected from the masses. Nonetheless, people enjoyed the project, as it was a new lane for André 3000 and what people are used to him doing.

Fast forward to now, and it looks like Quavo is trying to add his musical flow with the same instrument.

Over the past few weeks, Quavo has been enjoying life in Japan. While showing his experience on Instagram, one clip shows a man playing a flute, and the Atlanta rapper being intrigued.

“I want one,” Quavo said to somebody from a distance. “Can you get me one?”

In the same Instagram post, Quavo is seen filming what looks like a music video, so it’s possible that the flute can make an appearance in one of his new songs.

André 3000 decided to shock the world with his new instrument, so don’t be surprised if Quavo pulls out some tricks of his own and brings the flute to his sound of music.

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