Jill Biden and Dems committed elder abuse on Joe — now they must force him to step aside

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As part of special counsel Robert Hur’s investigation into Joe Biden, he reviewed interviews conducted by a ghostwriter with Biden after he left office.

The former vice president was “painfully slow,” Hur’s report notes, with ” limited precision and recall.”

This is in 2017 — three full years before he ran for president.

What Hur has proven is that Joe Biden’s cognitive decline is not new, and it certainly wasn’t a secret.

Jill Biden knew. His aides knew. Heck, James Clyburn, the entire Democratic establishment knew.

Yet, terrified that Bernie Sanders would win the nomination and then fail to take down their mortal enemy, Donald Trump, they propped up Biden like he was a Potemkin candidate — or, more accurately, “Weekend at Bernie’s” — to try to capture some Obama nostalgia. 

With the benefit of pandemic lockdowns, they could imprison Old Joe in the basement, limit his interactions with the press, and keep him tied to a teleprompter between the hours of 10 am and 2 pm. It worked.

That’s how they ran the first campaign, that’s how they run the country, and that’s how they’re hoping to do again this year.

This is elder abuse. And it’s a fraud on the American people.

Biden’s desperate “my memory is fine!” press conference shows exactly why they keep him hidden away. In a few short minutes, he misidentified the president of Egypt as the president of Mexico, then slandered Israel by saying the response to a horrific Hamas terror attack was “over the top.”

Shame on Israel for wanting to stop the monsters that kidnapped, killed and raped.

Aides will try to mop this all up in the coming days, but it’s over folks.

Hur says Biden’s memory was “worse” in 2023 than it was in 2017. What will it be like two years from now? What will that do to the country?

It’s time for those same Democrats who lied to get Biden into the White House to tell him that he must step aside before the 25th Amendment is invoked.

It’s a humiliation, and it’s one that they themselves caused. Jill Biden did this to her husband. His children, his staff, all the people who enabled this charade, this is on them. 

And Americans won’t soon forget it.

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