Sephora Responds To Viral Video Of Teen Girls Using Makeup For Blackface: ‘We Are Extremely Disappointed’

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Three teenage girls were recorded applying dark shades of makeup to their faces while being accompanied by an adult.

In the video, an employee can be heard saying how “incredibly offensive” their actions are. The employee appeared to be issuing criticism towards the adult, according to the Atlanta Black Star.

Other customers on the scene said they heard the teenage girls giggling and making monkey noises while applying the makeup.

Sephora representatives confirmed that the incident took place at a Sephora store inside the Prudential Center in Boston.

“Sephora’s top priority is to create a welcoming and inclusive shopping experience for all,” they told the news outlet. “We are extremely disappointed by the behavior of these shoppers at our Prudential Center location, and as such, they were asked to leave our premises. Under no circumstance is this type of behavior tolerated at Sephora.”

The news comes as shoppers have been complaining online about young teenagers going to Sephora and notably selling out products by the beauty company Drunk Elephant. The brand sells various products, including creams and serums, that include anti-aging ingredients such as polypeptide and retinol. The #kidsatsephora hashtag boasts over 317 million views on TikTok, Blavity previously reported.

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