Tiger Woods Pushed Through Back Spasms On The Golf Course. But Is It Safe?

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Lower back spasms also caused Woods to pull out during the final round of the Honda Classic back in 2014 (per NBC Sports). Experts at the Keystone Spine & Pain Management Center weighed in on the event after the fact, writing on their website how Woods was right to do so as back spasms should not be ignored. Taking as many as six weeks to heal, rest, and recover is key when it comes to back spasms. During this rest period, stretching, physical therapy, and non-anabolic steroid use may be advised.

Among the most common injuries in the sports world, back spasms are characterized by abrupt involuntary muscle contractions that occur within the spinal region, according to Advent Health Medical Group. No matter how dedicated an athlete you may be, however, medical experts say one should never push through back spasms. Doing so may exacerbate the pain and prolong the recovery period. Rather, athletes are advised to promptly stop the activity. “As far as the physical ups and downs, that’s just part of my body, that’s part of what it is. … I’m going to be rusty, and I have to do a better job at home prepping,” Woods stated (via Yahoo! Sports). This included the athlete reaffirming his commitment to abiding by rehabilitation protocols.

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