Trump rambles about suicide, sharks, Jan. 6 ‘warriors’ in Vegas

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Former President Trump told a sprawling crowd of followers they’d be better off killing themselves than voting for Biden in the November election and mused about being attacked by sharks in a rambling weekend speech in scorching Las Vegas.

Tens of thousands of loyal supporters cheered Saturday as Trump joked that he only really cares about winning their votes in his White House rematch against President Biden.

“I don’t care about you, I just want your vote,” Trump told rally-goers while complaining about “sweating like a dog” in 100 degree-plus sun to plead for their support.

He name checked a Trump super-fan who boasts of attending more than 200 of Trump’s MAGA rallies.

“It’s suicide rather than Biden, right?” he asked to cheers of approval.

A supporter of Donald Trump cheers ahead of a campaign rally at Sunset Park on June 09, 2024 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Brandon Bell/Getty Images)

Brandon Bell/Getty Images

A supporter of Donald Trump cheers ahead of a campaign rally in Las Vegas on Saturday. (Photo by Brandon Bell/Getty Images)

With his teleprompter going on the fritz in the desert heat, Trump went on a head-scratching extended side rant about whether it would be better to getter eaten by sharks or die from electrocution if you happen to wind up on a battery-powered boat that starts to sink.

“You have this tremendously powerful battery, and the battery is now underwater and there’s a shark over there,” Trump said, noting that “there have been a lot of shark attacks lately.”

“Do I get electrocuted if the boat is sinking .. or do I jump over by the shark?” Trump mused. “I’ll take electrocution every single time.”

Trump is hoping to flip Nevada and neighboring Arizona back into his column after Biden narrowly won both states in 2020 en route to a relatively solid 306-232 electoral college victory.

Even though advisers tell him to stick to effective attack lines on the border and inflation, Trump went off script again to praise the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol as a righteous protest against what he calls a “rigged election” that Biden won.

“They were warriors but more than anything else they are victims,” said Trump, who vows to pardon the hundreds of extremists convicted of taking part in the attack. “All they were doing was protesting a rigged election. What a setup that was.”

Despite Trump’s puzzling rhetoric, the presidential race remains virtually tied nationally with Trump holding a slim lead among all registered voters while Biden narrowly leads among those likely to go to the polls in November.

Trump is said to lead in most battleground states, particularly those in the Sun Belt like Nevada, Arizona, Georgia and North Carolina.

Biden supporters note the president can likely win reelection by holding only the Rust Belt so-called #BlueWall states of Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin.

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