Add This Ingredient To A Glass Of Water To Poop Instantly

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We may not think much of this humble herb that sits in our fridge, but apparently, it’s great for gut health in more ways than one, per Johns Hopkins Medicine. Are you feeling gassy and bloated? Battling nausea or vomiting? Having morning sickness due to pregnancy? Or does your concern have to do with healthy digestion of food and overall gut health? Ginger can help with all of this and more (via Hindustan Times). 

According to integrative and functional medicine registered dietitian nutritionist Nikki Yelton, ginger soothes your gut lining by boosting the presence of the inflammation-fighting hormone prostaglandin. In addition to promoting the release of enzymes in your digestive tract responsible for breaking down your food, this spicy ingredient can also protect your gut from the harmful effects of alcohol consumption and environmental pollution. Apart from making you poop instantly, this spice has also been linked to pain relief, better heart health, and lowering the risk of cancer (via Medical News Today). 

Now that you know that ginger is good for more than just getting yourself to poop instantly, let’s look at how you can have some when you need to.   

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