Eating Peanut Butter Has An Unexpected Effect On Your Sex Drive

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Believe it or not, this creamy spread may help kick-start libido. “Nuts and seeds contain L-tyrosine, often referred to as tyrosine, and when tyrosine is broken down, it converts to dopamine,” registered dietitian nutritionist Kylene Bogden told Well+Good; and the same article lists peanuts as also being a good source of tyrosine. According to 2010 research published in European Psychiatry, dopamine is a key element in human sexual behavior influencing everything from desire to orgasm to sexual satisfaction. In fact, mating activity has been found to boost dopamine release in male rats, the effects of which last to the point of ejaculation. Although there are many different factors that influence desire and sexual pleasure, regularly snacking on peanut butter may potentially heighten one’s sexual experience.

Like tyrosine, arginine is another amino acid found in peanuts that can support our sexual health by enhancing circulation, explains Allo Health. This can subsequently stimulate arousal and help with initiating or maintaining an erection. Similarly, the antioxidants contained in peanuts may alleviate symptoms of erectile dysfunction due to their anti-inflammatory properties.

Finally, peanuts are also rich in zinc and vitamin E. These nutrients can keep both our sperm and our reproductive organs happy and healthy.

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