Drinking Milk Can Have An Unexpected Effect On The Color Of Your Poop

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If you’re a fan of milk, you might notice that your poop appears more yellow-brown in color (via Cara Care). In fact, the excretion of yellow poop is often a regular occurrence for young babies. Bright yellow poop, as well as mustard-yellow poop, are both normal for breast-fed infants, explains Healthline. The only exception may be if an infant’s stool is excessively watery, which may indicate diarrhea.

While there may be a potential link between milk consumption and yellow stool, there are other reasons why a person may have an off-colored bowel movement. Yellow stool may alternatively be caused by antibiotic usage. If accompanied by diarrhea, bacteria or a virus may be to blame. Otherwise, smelly, greasy stool in a shade of light yellow may indicate a fat malabsorption issue like celiac disease. Without treatment, people with ongoing fatty bowel movements may experience weight loss.

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