Eating This Fruit Can Help You Poop And Lower Cholesterol At The Same Time

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As WebMD experts explain, prunes are abundant in both insoluble fiber and sorbitol, which are excellent for remedying constipation: The former adds bulk to your stools and makes the process of passing them through your intestines much easier, while the latter is a natural laxative. Plus, the benefits of dried plums on bowel movement can be experienced even by people who don’t like eating prunes, as prune juice has been shown to be similarly effective.

A 2018 study published in Clinical Nutrition provides supporting evidence for the notion that prunes help facilitate good bowel movement. Researchers looked into how dried plums can affect a person’s gastrointestinal function, focusing on how consuming prunes can change how often a person passes stool, the weight of their stools, and whether they could tolerate the fruits well. The results showed that prunes had a considerable effect on both stool frequency and stool weight, particularly for people who lack fiber in their diet and have “infrequent” bowel movements. 

As explained by New York State Dietetic Association spokesperson Anita Mirchandani, MS, RD, CDN, “Similar to other fiber-rich foods, [prunes] have the ability to stimulate the gastrocolic reflex and promote downward movement of food” (via GoodRX Health).

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